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Lee Street Baptist Church

1 West Mary Street Bristol Virginia
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Dr. W.A. Johnson

A Message from Dr. Johnson...

'Greeting in the precious name of Jesus. Thank you for visiting our web site. We believe that we are living in a very crucial time of history but we must sieze the opportunity of our times.
The time is short, the task is great,the night is coming but the visctory is assured. Let us be about our Fathers business. We have the mandate and we have the authority. We must walk the works of him who sent us while it is day. The night is coming when no-one can work. (John 9:4) And from you shall bless you.

Have a great and sweet life in Jesus Christ our Lord - Dr. W.A. Johnson.

Dr. W.A. Johnson, Biographical Notes

Background: Dr. Johnson was born in York County, Virginia and grew up in Hampton, Virginia area. He became pastor of Lee Street Baptist Church in 1961. He has been Graduated from Virginia Seminary, Lynchburg, VA, Virginia Union University of Richmond, VA. Chicago Thological Seminary/University of Chicago and holds the following degrees: BA, BD., M DV., M TH., DD.

Leadership: Through the years, he has been a spiritual leader of the city, the region, and the state. Under his leadership, Lee Street Baptist Church built a new church in 1965, added the Community Center in 1990 and built a new Child Care Center in 2000. He served as the moderator of the Schaeffer Memorial Baptist Association of Southwest Virginia - 1987 - 1989 - he led the Baptists of Virginia to build a new state pffice in Richmond, Virginia.

Child Care Involvement : In 1966 he organised the Bristol Head Start Center in the Lee Street Baptist Church - one of the first Head Start programs of the Community Action Agencies in the State of Virginia and in the country. In partnership with the Progtessive Community Club of washington County which is now People Inc. That Center eventually outgrew our facilities and moved in 1991. Dr. Johnson served on the board of Directors of People Inc. for 10 years and also served as Chairman.

Service: Dr, Johnson has served in many community, state and national positions, including serving as a trustee of Virginia Union University of Richmond, Virginia and has served on a number of Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards, including Wellmont Hospital, The United Way, The Kiwanis Club, People Inc., Currently serves on the following boards: WHCB, Bristol Faith in Action, Mike Jenkins ministries Inc, King College Round Table and Living Faith ministries Inc. WLFG.

World Outreach : Dr, Johnson has travelled to 20 countries of the world preaching, teaching, planting churches, and reaching out in compassion. Many souls have been won to Jesus through his ministry and and mission effort, and a number of churches have been started in Central Asia, Africa, Haiti, Cuba and South Africa.

Television Outreach : Dr, Johnson presents the Living Word Television Program each Sunday morning at 9:00am and 11:30pm on WLFG reaching the five state area and Western Hemisphere with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He also served as 'open door' Devotional speaker for WCYB for 30 years (1971-2001).

Concerns: Pastor Johnson's major concerns are to carry out the Mandates of our Lord Jesus Christ and reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to meet the needs in the local community (whatever they may be), to train and develop his local church to get involved in reaching out to others with the Gospel, with loving care, and to be ready when Jesus comes - for he is coming soon for a glorious church witout spot or wrinkle.

Commitment: Pastor Johnson is a spirit filled man of God and a man of visions and purpose with a deep sense of commitment to Jesus Christ and a zeal to fulfill the high calling that is upon his life.

Confidence: I am confident of this very thing. That he who has begun a good work in me, will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6 KJV (personalized)

Church Office - 1 West Mary Steet, Bristol VA - Phone 669-2760

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