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Lee Street Baptist Church

1 West Mary Street Bristol Virginia
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Mission ...

'Embracing the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ and Fulfilling his Mandates.'

Our Mission

1. To develop a true faith community with bible study, youth, young adult, and senior adult ministries, prayer and fasting. In fellowship and oneness of spirit that we might live out the high standards, principles, and callings of Jesus Christ.

2. To reach out to lost souls and needy people for Jesus at home and around the world by sending missionaries, travelling on mission trips, building and planting churches. Reaching out with the Gospel message with benevolent ministries, whenever and wherever the need arises.

3. To minister to the local community, reaching out to all age groups and the entire family with programs, projects, and facilities designed to do whatever it takes to meet the human needs in our community.

Our Core Values

1. We Value a personal relationship with Jesus, missions, evengelism, and out reach.
2. We Value the authority of the word of God. The priority teaching and living principle in the word.
3. We Value Prayer, Fasting, the Gifts, and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
4. We Value the souls of the lost at home and abroad.
5. We Value People: their needs and concerns - children, youth, and the elderly.
6. We Value fellowship with Christ and in the body of Christ.
7. We Value the high standards of the Word Of God and the High Calling of Jesus Christ.

Hallmarks of a Growing Church

  • Changing the worship services as necessary
  • Making changes in assimilating new people
  • Actively assisting people in finding a place of service
  • Making changes in evangelism as necessary
  • Developing support groups and new groups
  • Continuing to find new ways of reaching and touching lives
  • Keeping our eyes on the number one goal - The Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

The key is: Openess and willingness to change and flow with GOD.

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