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Lee Street Baptist Church

1 West Mary Street Bristol Virginia

Living Word TV ...

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Living Word Television Ministry

Approaching its 10th year of reaching out to the area and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Mission:As the Lord provides and opens doors, we will fulfill the commission of Jesus as given in Matthew 28:19-20 and in Acts 6:8 which states that we are to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to all people - local, national and worldwide. We must preach it, teach it, be witness to it and live it. The Television ministry is an open door and a powerful tool to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to hundreds of thousands of people.

The Station : WLFG presently operates three full power stereo stations (1,150.00 watts). Channel 68 WLFG reaches five states, channel 44 WAGV is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and has three times the population as the first station. A third station is channel 40 WLFB located in Bluefield, W. VA. which will reach up to Roanoak, VA. area covering Radford, VA. Pulaski, VA and Blacksburg, VA. The station is currently covering most of the Western Hemisphere through the Pan Am satellite. We now have the potential to reach millions.

Our Program - Prime Time : Sunday at 9:00am and 11:30pm. The Lord gives us the priviledge of proclaiming the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our message is simple, Jesus Saves, Heals, Delivers, Works Miracles, Fills us with the Holy Spirit and is coming back for His Church - A Church without a spot or wrinkle.

Budget: This year we had to update our equipment again. We are recording and producing our own programs with mini DV and DVD Technology. This virtually doubled the cost of producing our program plus the cost of the equipment.

Financial Support: The program is a faith venture; it is not sponsored or funded by any organization. The Lord opened the door and by faith we walked through it. By His grace we are able to pay the TV bills each month. God is faithful to touch hearts to support this vital ministry and end time message. We appreciate and need your prayers and your support as the lord leads.

The Effectiveness of Television: We touch hundreds of thousands of lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a weekly basis. Our half hour program is usually aired twice on Sundays. This requires several hours each week and a number of persons to record and produce this ministry.

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