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Lee Street Baptist Church

1 West Mary Street Bristol Virginia
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Community child care center:

Give your child a jump start with learning in a christian environment. We serve all children 2 and up to age 12. We have a curriculum Preschool program ages 2-5. For further details click here or call the number below

Call 276-669-2760


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Welcome to our Church...

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Greater Lee Street Baptist Church of the Ti-Cities. Praise the Lord!

Serving and leading for God in the area since 1865. A world class Church preaching the full gospel offering full service and ministry to all age groups, reaching the world for Jesus.

Our mission is to: Develop a true Faith Community with Bible study, youth, young adult, adult and senior adult ministries, prayer and fasting. In fellowship and oneness of spirit that we might live out the high standards, principles, and callings of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision for the 21st century...

"Embracing the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ and Fulfilling his Mandates"

1. Witness to and Evangelize the world: Matthew 28:20 Acts 1:8
2. Ministry of compassion: Matthew 25:35; Luke 10:30
3. Mature and prepare the Church in worship, ministry, service and hope: Matthew 24:42; Ephesians 4:11-13; Ephesians 5:27

Song Playing is...
Jesus You're The Center Of My Joy - Richard Smallwood

Church Office - 1 West Mary Steet, Bristol VA - Phone 669-2760

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