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Lee Street Baptist Church

1 West Mary Street Bristol Virginia
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Lee Street Baptist Church

We are a family of believers, a redemptive fellowship, a healing, saving, loving community; working, sharing, and worshipping together to accomplish the Great Commission and Missions of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Lee Street Baptist Church seeks to be a strong, decisive witness for Jesus Christ; committed to (a.) spreading the Gospel (b.) helping needy, suffering humanity and (c.) growing in knowledge, grace, spirit and fellowship, preparing ourselves and others for the second coming of Jesus.

Lee Street is an independent Missionary Baptist Church with local, state, national and world affiliations, but maintains its freedom and independence to follow the Master's will and the Master's ministries that he has for Lee Street.

We embrace, preach, practice, and proclaim the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ. The bible is our sole rule and authority in practice, policy and faith.

Lee Street Baptist Church is the second oldest Baptist congregation in Bristol and the sixth oldest church in the city.


Our church edifice was built in 1965, the community center was added in 1990 and the child care center was added in 2000. Lee Street has been leading the way in the City, the State and the Nation for over 140 years.

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